Kelly and Andrew

I had the pleasure of meeting Kate (and her sweet husband, Stephen) back in June 2014. And I am happy to share that they are both still a part of my life to this day. 

My husband and I were lucky enough to be “matched” with Kate and Stephen for pre-marital counseling through Buckhead Church. I can honestly say that our 8 counseling sessions with Kate and Stephen have heavily impacted and influenced my marriage, my relationships with my family, and my friendships.

Kate has this natural gift of immediately connecting with people. She is genuine, non-judgmental, relatable, and truly has a heart of gold. She is this adorable (little) woman with this energy and contagious personality that can take over a room. You immediately feel comfortable around her and just want to sit down on the couch with her and talk for hours. She does such a wonderful job of both listening/understanding, while also giving advice and encouragement. She looks at every situation from both sides and will help make you aware of someone else’s perspective. I value her opinion more than anything because she has personally gone through so many challenging experiences in her life (and can relate to pretty much anyone)! Kate particularly helped me through a really difficult time in 2014.

I lost my Dad suddenly to a heart attack in March 2014. I was also in the middle of trying to plan my wedding for October 2014. It was hands down the toughest time of my life. I was trying to balance my own personal grieving, my heartbroken family back in Memphis, my relationship with my fiancé, wedding planning, and so much more. Kate was such a rock for me during this time. She would listen, advise, pray, and guide me through this transitional period in my life. She is more than a mentor, a coach, and a role model – she is a dear friend! I feel lucky and blessed to have had her brought into my life and am so excited to see our friendship grow and develop over the years to come. 

Andrea and Seth

"Along with her husband, Stephen, Kate acted as our personal mentor during our pre-marital counseling sessions through Buckhead Church in Atlanta.  We truly appreciate the time and energy that Kate poured into our relationship as we prepared for married life.

Kate's warmth and passion for God, her family, and her life make her a delight to be around.  Kate encouraged and guided us towards finding balance and prioritizing our marriage, even when career demands and life's curve balls threatened to divert our attention from focusing on our relationship with God and with each other.  Kate promotes a holistic approach to coaching and mentoring, supporting others as they grow and develop in areas of faith, family, career, health and wellness, personal achievement, and relationships.  We are thankful to consider her a friend!" -Seth & Andrea


I was lucky enough to meet Kate through a mentoring program that my husband and I participated in through our church. When I first met Kate, I loved that she had such a bubbly and fun personality. However, as I got to know Kate further, I realized that she is more than just a fun, upbeat person.

Kate has the unique ability to develop deep and meaningful relationships and really listen to other people. She is able to talk through tough issues and provide great feedback, while still being sensitive to your feelings. One of the things that I loved the most about Kate was her ability to be "real" about her own experiences. Kate was able to relate to me and help me navigate through some of my own issues using those experiences, which I found incredibly helpful. I am truly blessed that Kate was not just a mentor to me, but that she has also become a friend!

Rachel and Colby

Upon first meeting Kate we instantly saw someone who was charming, outgoing, and intelligent.  Through eight pre-marital counseling sessions we discovered that she was much more than that. She is a woman with true morals and values who leads by example and has a passion for helping others achieve their goals.  While the intention of our sessions were for marriage preparation, Kate provided key insight that would help in many aspects of life, such as communication, conflict resolution, family relationships, intimacy, financial matters, and spiritual guidance. 

With a strong foundation in Christ coupled with a supportive and loving husband, Stephen, Kate has the key combination to be successful in all endeavors in life.  Kate's passion for preparing others for major milestones is a true gift that we were blessed to take part in and her advice will continue to be invaluable to us in the years to come.


I had the wonderful opportunity of being "Coached By Kate" this Spring and I was so impressed by her program, and her commitment to her time with me. I felt her questions helped me prioritize several things in my life including my Marriage and my Family.

She has a unique ability to articulate what I find hard to put down into words. Walking me through the program allowed me to think about my goals and better organize my life around those goals. I would highly reccomend her as a Coach for anyone who feels stuck in life but wants guidance on how to achieve their goals, but also for someone who is looking to discover what those goals are. Kate will ask all the right questions and you will sense her genuine care for you as she guides through each session.